Pink Sparrows Ground Display

Following Swansea Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency on 27th June, members of Swansea Extinction Rebellion will perform a “Pink Sparrows Ground Display”. Beach performances during the Swansea air show, July 6-7, offer a light-hearted way of raising awareness of the Climate Emergency with the public. The ‘sparrows’ will perform the moves made famous by the Red Arrows to create a ground show designed to provoke curiosity and raise awareness of the role of aviation in climate breakdown.

By declaring a Climate Emergency, Swansea Council recognises that our climate is changing rapidly and threatens our future. We must act now to reduce harm and reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change. The environmental impact of aviation is growing as more and more people take advantage of cheap flights made possible by government subsidies. The current situation of no taxation on aviation fuel is nonsense. Government is subsidising polluters so they can pollute more. The attendance of thousands at the air display is an opportunity to raise awareness of climate breakdown and call for an end to government subsidies and for change in our attitudes to air travel.

Interview with Flo, our lead Sparrow!

And it is more than this – we aim to show we are not sitting around waiting for climate change, but working to build a future by creating community. The Pink Sparrows are part of XR’s regenerative culture working joyfully on the most important issue of our time.

Pink Sparrows outside the Guildhall in Swansea warming up for the Air Show

Join us at our Pop Up Protest Party in Oxford Street on August 3rd, 2019.