XR Swansea @ Green Man Festival 2019

XR Swansea @ Green Man Festival 2019

Wednesday – Here we are at the Green Man Festival in Brecon, South Wales representing Extinction Rebellion.

Lots of hanging around yesterday waiting for the crew to sort out where we are camping for the week. Eventually we set up in the corner of a lovely quiet, lush green field. Maddy’s motor home, Jenny and Flo’s campercar and Johnnys tent.

Last night we had a little wander around this green site, which nestles in the beautiful Brecon hills, watching people busying themselves setting up their pitches and stages.

The trees here are absolutely magnificent. Oaks, hundreds of years old, that would take 15 people to actually hug them! Stupendous!

Today we spent the morning dressing our meagre allotment in the Babblers Bizarre – One 6’ x 2.5’ trestle table, with 2 metres behind. They feel sorry for us, so allocate another table to make an L shape. Me and Jenny then set about decorating the space, Johnny up the ladders attaching bunting to the roof! Flo designing a Snakes and Ladders game.

XR Swansea @ Green Man Festival 2019

We’re very pleased with the result! Inspection at 5.00…. fingers crossed all’s well!

The party kicks off tomorrow …

Pop up protest party

Join us on 3rd August to help build a better future.

It will also be a celebration of the City and County of Swansea declaring a Climate Emergency.

Join the Procession at 12.00 from Toys “R” Us, Park Tawe, Swansea. We will walk up into the town – led by a 10’ walking tree, with our choir singing and our Samba Band playing- not at the same time I hasten to add!

Once in town, there will be 3 local Swansea bands playing, a punk poet performing, face painting, badge making, tshirt printing, free vegan food, workshops for adults and children, an information tent on Extinction Rebellion and the Climate Crisis, Circus Skills, Storytelling and much more….

Wear colourful clothes. Bring placards/ pictures with bees, insects, butterflies, flowers! If you can, bring a plant/ small tree in a pot to green the area.

If the weather forecast is really bad for the Saturday, we will cancel on the Thursday before.

Please come and support and enjoy.